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With Tech Tray extensive experience and technical expertise, We also design and manufacture individual as per client requirements.
We (Tech & Tray) have the expertise and skills of a genuine group of engineers with many years of exuberant professional experience in the preparation of preliminary technical and economic feasibility study, investigation, and evaluation.

Our Mission

  • To Provide Quality Products accompanied by the high quality of customer services.
  • To understand our customer needs and endeavor to meet their requirements.




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We have a massive number of satisfied clients in this field. Our Clients know us, with repect to quality in manufacturing of Industrial Electro-Mechanical Equipments.

Our Services

Industrial Electro-Mechanical
Supplier & Service Provider

Cable Management

Cable management is an essential part of the daily work of an electrician or panel builder. With efficient cable management products you can make cables "invisible", reduce risk of injury and save space at the same time.

Earthing Protect

Earthing of the supply in a house or building serves as a protection for the users. It protects them from electrical shocks when a piece of electric equipment has an insulation failure to ground.


The typical lightning arrester has a high-voltage terminal and a ground terminal. When a lightning surge (or switching surge, which is very similar) travels along the power line to the arrester, the current from the surge is diverted through the arrester, in most cases to earth.

Our Clients

Some of our very famous clients are here. Many more to come!!!

Our Certifications

We have plenty of certifications in Industrial Electro-Mechanical Supplier and Service. Some of below mentioned certifications are in the field of electro-mechanics, mathematics, engineering, computer science, machine design, electronics, and automated control systems that gives us the skills to work successfully in this field.

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